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ROW80 wednesday check-in 10/5/11

well, i only wrote 238 words so far this week. out of the 3000 word goal that i set. but i did some good brainstorming/thought organizing earlier today and that should make it easier on me in the long run. and! the week’s not over yet 🙂


Goals for ROW80 Round 4

Hi, I’m Sabrina! This is my first foray into ROW80. I’ve tried NaNoWriMo a couple of times before but never had what I would consider great success with it. I do find that I tend to achieve writing goals more readily with a check-in process and some accountability to other people, even though usually it’s to a beta reader or an awesome friend chatting with me if I get stuck on a tiny plot point (and that happens more than I care to admit). I’m excited to see where this system leads me!

-write at least 3000 words a week
-spend 1 hour at a time writing new words at least 3 days a week
-spend about 2 hours a week plotting/brainstorming (no, self, chat does not count)
-try not to spend more than 3 hours a week editing/revising
-let somebody read a project and give feedback one time during the round
-maybe join an online crit group? never tried it before, so it might help – look into it, anyway

Here goes!